The desire to replace the human being at the heart of health is the reason why we wake up every morning. We strongly believe that everyone, regardless of one’s socio-economic and geographic background, is entitled to have access to good medicines. Besides, we believe that good medicines can improve the daily life of thousands of people across the world and change their lives. Wherever they go, from school to the market or work, whatever they do with family or friends, it’s by being in perfect health condition that they will be balanced citizens.

Respond to unanswered issues met by governments from whom these populations depend and by organisations sharing our purpose, is our ambition.

If the olive tree alludes to longevity and hope, we have chosen to integrate it to our identity to make understandable our will to bring not only lasting but also viable solutions. PharmaCqARE was launched with the aim to boost a challenging pharmaceutical market in countries facing public health issues.

Undeniably, we are writing a story, obviously, we are building a community of optimistic experts concerned by drug issues in emerging countries.

At a time when digitalization is everywhere, it seemed fundamental to have the up to date technology to offer highly efficient services. From São Paulo to Lagos or Beijing, there is no significant jet lag preventing us from taking care of your needs. Our mission is to develop a winning collaboration with you, based on values of reliability and transparency, and where you will get the efficient means to manage the public health issues you are confronted to.

Because "We care about you".